“Midtown Miami” Explainer Video

The New Tropic


“All About the Benjamins” Explainer Video

The New Tropic


Washington Building Engineers Promotional Video

Client: Emerald Cities Collaborative

Director of Photography, Editor

Fanning the Flames on Seattle vs. Portland Rivalry 

Major League Soccer, Aired ESPN June 2017

Associate Producer, Assistant Camera

Portland versus Seattle. It's one of the most anticipated match-ups each year. However, it's not just the teams, the players, and what happens on the field that makes this rivalry so special -- but also the fans. From taunting TIFOs to screaming supporters groups, the pageantry put on by fans is just as responsible for making any Timbers-Sounders game special.


White Nose syndrome hits Pacific Northwest bats

Oregon Public Broadcasting EarthFix Production, Aired PBS News Hour April 2016

Associate Producer, Assistant Camera, Assistant Editor

Back in 2006, bats across the Northeast started dying by the millions. The culprit? A mysterious disease called white-nose syndrome that for years, stayed largely confined to the eastern U.S. But in 2016, white-nose suddenly and mysteriously appeared in the Northwest. And now researchers are racing to learn what bats here are in for.

Mystery Sharks of Seattle

 Aired on KCTS Seattle (PBS) and Oregon Public Broadcasting 2016

Assistant Producer, Assistant Camera, Assistant Editor

One of the world's largest and most elusive predatory sharks, the sixgill, suddenly appears in Seattle's waters. These creatures typically dwell in darkness several thousands of feet beneath the surface. Little is known about them. What would make them appear in the shallows of Puget Sound? And what does it say about our oceans?

Rediscovering Darrington, WA

Series of videos highlighting Darrington, Washington and Snohomish County's natural and human resources 

Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

Rediscover the Suiattle chronicles the reopening of the Suiattle River valley to the public after over a decade of closure

30 second commercial spot commissioned by Snohomish County for Spartan Race Inc. Aired on NBC sports network June 2017 

Darrington Goes to Islandwood highlights Darrington Elementary's 5th Grade class visit to Islandwood's outdoor education facility on Bainbridge Island

Air Safe Pierce County PSA Campaign

PSA television campaign for federal air quality initiative in the the South Puget Sound

Producer, Assistant Camera